Rihanna’s sexy videos are too much for Mel C's kid

Mel C, the former Spice Girl member, has stated that her 5 year old daughter is a great Rihanna fan, still; she does not let her watch her raunchy music videos. Mel C, who is now forty, believes that the R‘n’B star reveals too much flesh in the video clips and she really wants to deal with Scarlet’s innocence in a great way.
The singer reported stated that her girl Scarlet is a big fan of Rihanna, but she really would not allow her to watch the music videos – they are too much sexual. She, in fact, added that she saves her daughter from it while she could, but she is growing up quite fast.
In the year 1996, the Spice Girls burst onto the whole pop music scene and they immediately became known for their raunchy dancing and skimpy outifts. Mel C and her bandmates Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton brought into the phrase called ‘girl power’ as a feminist term of empowerment.
But Mel thinks that singers like Rihanna, who often croons regarding about sex and spins partly naked in front of the camera, objectify women.
On Monday, she said: “For me it’s almost like what we did with girl power has gone too far the other way, which defeats the object. I appreciate that it’s a different generation now, but I don’t consider that empowering.”